30 Day Writing Challenge

by Clive Walker in Life

Clive Walker working at a desk
Clive Walker working at a desk

I have two daily objectives for the Challenge.

  1. Write for 25 minutes (one Pomodoro) every day.
  2. Work on this site for 25 - 50 minutes (on average) every day.

These are achievable I hope. I’m not intending to publish something every day (that’s not actually part of the Challenge anyway). So, I plan to publish 10 - 15 posts/articles during the month.


I’m using iA Writer for writing. It’s great software that makes it easy to ‘just write’. In particular, I love the way it creates links automatically by pasting the last copied URL as soon as you highlight a word/phrase and click the link button. I wish other software or CMS editors did the same.

Additionally, I’ll be using Hemingway app to check my writing. I don’t recommend following every single suggestion it makes but it’s a useful tool for checking readability and grammar. It has helped my writing since I’ve been using it.

Getting organised

I’ll be saving my writing in a folder. And possibly creating a To Do List or using a Trello board. I’ve not decided on that yet. In one way, I want to make things as simple as possible to write. Just do it! Creating boards/lists may not fit into that approach.


I reckon that writing every day will get more difficult as the month progresses so I’ll be using the Challenge’s Slack channel to ask questions, give encouragement and find motivation.

I’m also hoping that the month motivates me to write ‘rough’ (draft) articles even if I don’t think they are any good. Sometimes, I am put off writing because making an article ‘good enough’ takes a long time. I need to just write something and do that more often.

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