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by Clive Walker in Life

This won’t become a blog post (or will it?!) but I need to write something and regaling you with the exciting story of my Saturday so far is all I can think of.

Today, I’ve cycled a couple of miles to and from Horsham Park, run 3 miles (5 km) at Horsham parkrun, visited a local brewery to buy some beer, and shopped at the local supermarket. See, I told you it was exciting ;-)


My Saturdays normally start with a parkrun. It’s a great way to start the weekend. Run round a park with 400 other people at 9am! Today was no exception and it was a lovely, sunny Spring day for the run. I ran quite well and finished with a time that was within 30 seconds of my personal best. So, I’m pleased with that. However, one of my friends injured himself during the run so that wasn’t so good. I didn’t see what happened but he’s injured his heel, possibly something called plantar fasciitis. It sounds painful and I hope he makes a quick recovery.

After that, I had a coffee and a toasted tea cake with strawberry jam in the Park’s café. It’s the running recovery food of choice, don’t you know!

Supporting local business

I’m meeting up with friends (including the injured fellow) tomorrow for a BBQ. My ‘role’ in the event is buying beers, a job that fully satisfies my aim to support local (brewery) businesses when I can. Heh heh.

I visited the Dark Star Brewery shop and bought some of their ales (Hophead and Sunburst). The Sunburst was sold in a 5L metal (aluminium?) keg container, something I’m not too familiar with; I normally buy bottles. It reminded me of the infamous ‘party seven’ cans of the 70s/80s but I hope the ale today tastes better than the beer from that era!

The weekend supermarket trip

Not exciting. No sir. Not even a little bit.

Anyway, that’s my Saturday so far. Tomorrow, I’m planning a long run in the morning and the aforementioned BBQ in the afternoon.

‘Bye for now.

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