Weeknotes 4

by Clive Walker in Life

My weeknotes post is early this week because I’m away for a few days. I’m travelling to Italy to watch England play rugby in Rome. Very much looking forward to it!

Freelancer business

I’ve had four referrals this week from people I know and at least one of those should result in work in February. I’m waiting to hear back of course but I’m optimistic. It’s great to get these recommendations/referrals and it’s restored my ‘faith’ a bit.

I’ve also had a conversation with a friend who is starting a web consultancy business. As part of that, he has assessed my site with a view to improving conversions and getting more leads. The site came out quite well overall but there were some good suggestions and action items that I will address in the new site.


Great links and new Perch add-ons from other Perch users

I published Issue 36 of Perchology. In recent weeks, there have been some great links and new Perch add-ons from other Perch users. So, Issue 36 was easier to collate than some of the other issues. Links from Issue 36 included:

Horsham Coworking

The three of us (Matt Ide, Roger Johnson and I) have done a lot this week. At the weekend, we decorated the office spare room and made a few small tweaks to the main office. The spare room used to be full of left-over office stuff from the previous office occupants but since we cleared it a few months ago, people have started using it for making telephone calls and as an occasional “quiet space”. So, a new coat of paint and power cable through the wall should make it nicer for people.

I was sceptical at first about using the spare room in this way but people seem to like it, even though it has no windows. I’m happy to be proven wrong about its usage.

I’m happy to be proven wrong about its usage.

Also this week, we have posted more of our Horsham Coworking banners in the town and a couple of nearby villages. We have had people visit us and sign-up for a coworking desk after seeing a banner so a few more will, hopefully, attract more coworkers.

The uptake from banners is surprising to me. It’s amusing to think that in today’s maelstrom of online, social media, marketing and advertising, a few physical banners dotted around the town can still produce results!

See you next week.

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