Weeknotes 20

by Clive Walker in Life

This week, I’ve been decluttering my house and, in some ways, my life. It’s been quite therapeutic.

I have a birthday coming up and that’s triggered a few things in my mind. And I’ve been reviewing where I live. It’s a nice street and I like living there but my house needs a lot of modernising (for example, new kitchen and redecoration of most rooms). As a result, I’m getting the house valued so that I know what it’s worth. I might downsize.

Anyway, as part of that process, I have been decluttering inside the house by disposing or recyling a lot of things (books, old clothes, electrical items) and moving other things (vinyl records) to cupboards upstairs. So far, I’ve taken a car load to the recycling centre/tip and have another load ready to go. There might be more.

I’m not a hoarder but I’ve kept some things for far too long and it’s time to move on! I’ll keep a few souvenirs of younger life but anything that hasn’t been used for a year will be thrown out/recycled.

I spent most of last weekend doing this and all rooms (especially my lounge) are looking a lot better (apart from the garage where I’m storing things before their disposal). There’s more to be done but it’s a good start so far. Over coming weekends, I’ll be tackling “the cable box” which is full of cables and computer peripherals. You can never have enough SCART leads and old keyboards! I just need to find out how best to recycle these (if that’s possible).

I’m feeling a lot better about the house now that I’ve done this. And my life seems a bit tidier. I feel better about that as well.


I have to decide whether to spend money on the house or downsize/move to another house whish has been modernised already. I’ve seen a couple of good places but my house needs to be valued first. After that, I’ll be in a better place to make a decision.

I’ll report back next time.

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