I went out for a long Sunday run

by Clive Walker in Life

So, I’m training for a 10 mile run in a few weeks time. It’s the Haywards Heath 10 Mile which happens on the Sunday of the May Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve never run a 10 mile race before but I have completed 10 mile training runs and a half marathon last Autumn. So, I should be OK for the distance.

However, I want to get ready for the race by running 10 miles (or close) every Sunday until the day itself. I think this helps my body get used to running the distance and on the same day of the week as well.

Today, I ran with Geoff Fisher who I met through Horsham parkrun and Horsham Joggers. Yesterday, at parkrun, he suggested a route where he would run 6 or 7 miles (the distance he is targeting at the moment) and I would run to the starting point at Horsham station, so covering another 3 miles to make nearly 10. Yeah, thanks Geoff ;-)

The route

Here’s the route that we ran.

Despite living not too far from the route starting point, I almost never run in an easterly direction out of Horsham. I don’t know why but I normally run in the other direction (the western and northern side of the town). Weird, huh? That’s habit I guess.

Anyway, the route today went through the quiet village of Mannings Heath where the village green cricket pitch and surrounding houses looked idyllic in the Spring sunshine. I’d like to live there but it’s very expensive.

Out of the village, there’s a steep downhill and a climb to Hammerpond Road. The climb was OK because I ran steadily rather than trying ‘too hard’ at the beginning, which I sometimes do. All good training for me.

After that, we ran back into Horsham via another hill near the Roosthole car park area of St Leonard’s Forest and past Horsham Rugby Club. We ended up repeating the route out of Horsham in the other direction and parted company at Horsham Station.

It was a lovely run and I enjoyed it. I was able to run steadily at approx. 9:20 minutes/mile pace and speed up for the last 3 miles so that my average was 9:08 mins/mile overall. I think I can run faster but I’m happy with that pace and I felt strong over the last 2-3 miles.

It was a great way to start Sunday.

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