Getting my photography mojo back

by Clive Walker

Red Ferrari

I’ve not take any photos with my ‘proper’ camera (a Sony A6000) for ages. It’s a great camera that is more than sufficient for my photographic talents but I became less interested and fell out of the photography habit.

Today though, it was the Piazza Italia Festival in Horsham and this was a good excuse to find and recharge the camera and wander round the town taking photos of Ferraris and Minis.

Ferrari = Italian car, Mini = Italian (job) car.

It’s slightly odd to have an Italian festival in a traditional English Sussex market town perhaps. Yet, the weekend’s activities include cars, bikes, Italian food, and anything even vaguely Italian themed.

Lots of people were in the town and it was almost impossible to get good photos without people wandering across the lens or taking photos in front of me. I took a few photos though. And they came out OK. Nothing too fantastic but I know the limits of my photographic skills.

There are a couple of images below (and more on Flickr). Red was the most popular colour today :-)

I’m not sure I know the secret to getting good photos of cars but I like to get as close as possible if I can. At least, that’s what professional photographers seem to do.

And the close-up photos are the images I like most.

After today, I can feel more motivation to get outside and take more photos. Perhaps it’s like the 30 Day Writing Challenge, it’s just a case of doing it and not being too ‘exacting’ about it.

Inside a car
Inside a car
Ferrari wheel close-up
Ferrari wheel close-up
Tail lights
Tail lights
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