Weeknotes 7

by Clive Walker in Work

It’s been a bit of a quiet week. No big running events like last week’s Worthing Half Marathon. No weekends away like the previous week. But, I’ve been able to focus on work for the redesign of CVW Web Design. I’m still a bit worried about that business so I want to get the new site launched soon.

Web Design and Development

The work on the new site is taking longer than I expected. Partly because it’s a complete rebuild and also because my motivation, despite what I say above, has been up and down on the project. Down because I haven’t really been able to see a finishing point until recently. However, I can see how the new site will look now and my motivation is up again.

As part of the work on the new site, I’ve been wondering if I should have done the work differently, perhaps with a more defined pattern library or style guide. So, this week’s reading included these two links:

I would like a simple style guide approach and Inspired Guides is something I may use for a future project.

Sleeping rough for a good cause

There are more people sleeping rough in Horsham these days. And, partly because of that, Matt Ide, Roger Johnson and I have grouped together as a Horsham Coworking team to raise money for YMCA DownsLink Group. They are a charity supporting young people and families in the South East. Homelessness is one aspect of the help they provide.

The three of us are taking part in Sleep Easy 2018 which means we will be sleeping rough for the night.

It won’t be warm and it won’t be comfortable, but we know that the money we raise will make a huge difference to many young people

And, after the night, we are running at Horsham parkrun on the Saturday morning. It will be a tough 14 hours over the Friday and Saturday but we hope to raise more than £600.00

The full details are on our Just Giving page. All donations, however small, will be gratefully received. Thank you.

Also this week

I was filmed for a short video for Billingshurst and Horsham Chamber of Commerce at their AGM and Networking meeting. I’ll post the video here when it’s ready. It’s fair to say that I don’t feel entirely sure of myself in front of the camera but I think I could get better at it. That’s something to explore perhaps.

And Matt Ide, who I work with at Horsham Coworking, filmed an interview for The District Post. He talked about working from home and Horsham Coworking. And came across very natural in the interview. Great stuff!

Matt’s interview starts at 4.30 in the video. Here it is:

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