Weeknotes 25

by Clive Walker in Life

Mainly about work. And a little bit about running.

Web Design and Development

I’ve written a couple of posts this week.

I had an interesting conversation with a mate (who I bumped into in the street) about the web design industry (as you do) and about the DIY website market. Surprisingly for me, he was quite positive about it and recommended Squarespace as the best solution in that area. I’ve looked into that before but I’ll check it out again. They certainly have some nice web templates.

To follow that up, I’ve been browsing The Wheel Exists, who is a Squarespace designer/developer. It’s a nice site with some great copy. It was interesting to see prices and, in particular, the starting point of £950. I was expecting a bit less.

Otherwise, it’s been another quiet week work-wise but I’ve been thinking about finances (personal and work-related) and assessing a few things like that. And I met up with a financial adviser who said that I didn’t have enough money to be a client! OTH, he did give me a couple of useful pointers about some investments - and did not charge for that. Fair enough.

Running the Wakehurst Willow 8k

I took part in a great race at Wakehurst Place. Summer evening. Two laps of a National Trust property. What could be nicer?! Well, it was probably one of the toughest runs I’ve done! A great course though. Down a very steep descent into a valley, along the bottom, then up, up, up, UP a steep hill back to the start. And repeat!

I did enjoy it though. It’s great to run a course that’s completely new and unfamilar. I was warned beforehand but was lulled by the shorter hill section before the main hill. I knew it was gonna be tough when I could see people walking from about 100 metres before the steep section. I was able to run most of the hill on the first lap but walked a few short sections on the second lap.

Overall, I was pleased with my time of watch time of 44:49. Here it is on Strava.

That’s it for the moment. See you next time.

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