Weeknotes 27

by Clive Walker in Life

Web Design and Development

This week I’ve published:

I’ve moved FP Cloud Networks to new hosting and over to https.


A track session with Horsham Joggers and the “Bacon Butty Copsale Village Hall” Sunday run were highlights of the week.

The Sunday run was a good one because it’s the first time I’ve ran over 10 miles for several months. Just in time really because the Barns Green Half Marathon is only 6-7 weeks away and I need to increase my long run distances before then.

The bacon butty was courtsey of Copsale Village Hall. If you live near Horsham, it’s well worth a visit on the first Sunday of every month!

I’ve also been out for an early morning run on a couple of occasions. I really like the peace and quiet at 6am in the morning. It feels like a time when I can gather my thoughts and there are no distractions. I’ve resolved to do this every week at least once.

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