Weeknotes 29 - Barns Green Half Marathon

by Clive Walker in Life

Matt, me, Rob, Roger and Helen before the race
Matt, me, Rob, Roger and Helen before the race

The Barns Green Half Marathon (and 10k) took place last weekend. I ran the race for the third time.

Barns Green HM is a great half marathon that is well organised by a small village in Sussex. It’s run on closed roads in a figure of eight loop. The race begins and ends on a village green which allows everyone, spectators and runners, to meet up before and after. There’s a great atmosphere! The route is a hilly course and, although there’s only one steep-ish climb, there are several shorter but longer “undulating” sections.

Last year, I had a bit of a “nightmare”, started too fast and “blew up” (had to walk) in the last few miles. My time was 1:59 which is still below the 2 hour mark that many folks aim for. But I was disappointed how I ran the race. This year, I was determined to run much better.

Since last time, I’ve run a couple more half marathons and have a bit more experience. I also know more about the course. This time I started much better. Not too fast. For the middle 8-9 miles, I ran a steady pace and was able to speed up over the final 2 miles. I ran it as hard as I could and finished in 1:54. I was very pleased with that time because it’s not far off my best HM time but over a hillier course.


Earlier this year, I ran Worthing HM and Run Gatwick HM.

I recommend the Barns Green HM. It’s a tough course but there’s a great atmosphere throughout. It’s not a race for a PB perhaps but you will earn your medal and there’s a great sense of achievement running over the finish line.

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