September Short

by Clive Walker in Life

Work and running mainly in this post. Work has been slow. OTH, I’m feeling very good about running.

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September has been a quiet month. I’ve been ticking over slowly. But, not enough income really.

I have a few projects in the pipeline. I’m hoping that means October will be better.

At times like these, thoughts about getting out of the freelance arena are prevalent.



I’m still trying to finish Remember Me. It’s taking me ages to complete. Not because there’s anything at all wrong or poor about the book. It’s just that I cannot cultivate any type of regular reading habit (for fiction books in particular). I find it very difficult to pick up the “book” (it’s an ebook on a tablet) and read for more than a few minutes, in the evenings especially.

However, I have finished Get Ready for Grid Layout (2nd Edition) (it was a short book) so that’s good.

I have started reading Run Walk Run Method, which describes an interval training/running method for long runs.


I have been training for Barns Green Half Marathon at the end of September. I’m probably a few miles short on longer training runs but have done many shorter runs at faster pace, e.g the Littlehampton 10k and the Fittleworth Five.

I ran one of my favourite parkruns at Tamar Lakes in Cornwall/Devon last weekend. The course is quite unique and does actually cross both Devon and Cornwall.

And I ran at Bushy Park, the home of parkrun, a few weeks ago. It was great!

Generally, I’m feeling very positive about running at the moment and I’m thinking ahead to next year. My pal Andy has given me a short informal training plan with an objective of running a marathon in April next year. I’m not sure which race that will be but the training plan looks good … and challenging! It’s clear that I will have to increase the time I spend runnng every week. Happy to do that and will need to see how I get on with it. I should be starting the plan in October.

That’s it for now. See you next time.

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