Marathon Training

by Clive Walker in Life

Yep, I'm training for a marathon (again). It's a 16-week plan which will culminate in running (and hopefully finishing) the Brighton Marathon (my first marathon) on 12th September. It's been an all-encompassing few months!

I've started a few marathon training plans before and I wrote about that. This time, I decided to do it differently by getting local fitness and running coach Matt Bevan to plan it for me. He sends me a spreadsheet every month with a running and strength training schedule. It also includes target paces for different distances. I'm paying him for this but I think it's worth it.

The plan is customised for me and takes into account my experience and running times at various distances. It is also takes into account a few weekends away and a cycling trip that I had planned during the 16 weeks. The plan also includes a target time for the marathon itself - which is 4 hrs 30 mins for me.

The plan has been working great so far. It's been time-consuming and hard work and exhausting on the long slow runs like any marathon training plan. But, I've had some useful feedback and I feel like this gives me the best chance on the big day. Before I started the plan, I wanted to know that, whatever happens on the day, I've given it my best shot. The plan is a key part of this.

Anyway, with 3 weeks to go, I will be running my longest distance (22 miles) on Sunday so that will give me the best assessment of where I am. And my chances of a) finishing the Brighton Marathon and b) achieving my target time.

I will report back next week on the long run.

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