Exploring webmentions

by Clive Walker in Work

This site is a bit of a testing ground for me. I want to write about different subjects, build the site on a minimal framework for speed, and figure out a few web development things. One of those is webmentions which is a way of collecting and displaying responses to a post (from all over the web). Webmentions feels like a more modern way of doing things. In particular, because blog post commenting has been in decline in recent years.

I read a recent article by Drew McLellan about implementing webmentions and that made a lot of sense. And, this site uses Perch as its CMS, and with Perch Blog now featuring webmentions, this seemed like a good time to start.

I’ve upgraded the site now to Perch Blog 5.6 and added webmentions according to the Perch documentation. There may be a few minor issues as I work out the best way of displaying webmentions but I’m looking forward to testing things.

Anyway, this is a bit of a test post, so I’d better get on and publish it :-)

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