Weeknotes 11

by Clive Walker in Work

A shorter post this week. Exciting news about a lottery win though ;-)

Web Design and Development

This week, the launch of a new site for CVW Web Design. My site has needed a redesign and rebuild for a while and, finally, I’ve launched the new site. Yay!

It’s taken a while and I described the process in Weeknotes 1. I’m very pleased with the result.


I’ve been reading up on what I need to do for the GDPR legislation in May. There’s an awful lot of misinformation available and it’s tough to distil down the key things that any business will need to do. I’ve also talked with several people and been to a GDPR seminar organised by a local business group.

I think I have figured out what I need and it doesn’t look too onerous for me. However, if your business relies heavily on email marketing and you don’t have clear consent from your email subscribers, there will be work to do to get better consent. Together with a number of internal processes that will need to be defined. And website changes in some cases.

I don’t see any reason to panic though. I’m sure that the ICO will take a reasonable approach and won’t be implementing heavy fines unless there’s a clear intent to be obstructive. At least, that’s my thinking.


I ran the Mel’s Milers 10k at the weekend. It’s a great race that I’ve run twice before. I enjoyed the course and was able to get round in 48:32. That’s a personal best (PB) for me on the route; the first time I ran in 2016, I just broke the 50 minutes barrier so I’m over a minute faster now. However, I’m not obsessed by times (honest) and it’s enough for me to run a good race and enjoy it. A PB is nice though :-)

Lottery win

Yes, my numbers came up and I won the lottery! Well, it was only £25 but a win’s a win isn’t it?! The money will buy a few more tickets over the coming weeks at the very least.

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