Weeknotes 30

by Clive Walker in Life

This is probably my last weeknotes post for this year. I’m up to 30 now but my posting schedule has slipped in recent weeks. Monthnotes would be a more accurate term at the moment.

I’m still planning to write posts here but when I have something a bit more substantial to say … and when I feel like I want to get something posted.

Since last time…


I’ve written three posts on my other sites:

I should write more on those sites so that’s another reason for writing less frequently here.


I’ve been running less in recent weeks. Mainly, that’s because I’ve had a minor wear and tear feeling in my lower stomach/upper leg/hip area. It’s been a bit difficult to pin down to be honest. It’s not painful but feels slightly uncomfortable when running and afterwards. A bit like a minor muscle tear. I can’t feel it in other activities like walking and moving though.

I have had a couple of tough months in July and August. Running hard at parkrun and training for Barns Green HM. That race made me very tired for several days as well. So, I’ve probably been doing too much.

Also, another symptom of overtraining perhaps, I’ve been feeling unenthusiastic about Tuesday club runs. Normally, these are up to an hour which is fine. But, a couple of weeks back, we ran 7 miles which took 65 minutes and just felt like a bit of a chore for a Tuesday evening.

As a result, I decided to back off a bit in early October. Take longer rest periods between runs. Run slower. Take it easy. Try and get more enjoyment out of it rather than trying to break PBs all the time. Also, I’m notoriously bad at slowing down for long Sunday runs. These few weeks may give me a chance to run at a different pace on those. Slower.

Run slower. Take it easy. Try and get more enjoyment from it

I think it’s working and the “injury” feels better after more days rest. And I’ve enjoyed a few shorter runs where I’m not looking at my watch much.

I’m slowly getting my enthusiasm back up to where it was a couple of months ago. In fact, I’ve bought a ticket for the Great South Run in a year’s time. Advance planning!

And I’ve entered the Brighton 10k in a few weeks. I’ve not run in Brighton before so I’m quite looking forward to it.

See you next time.

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