Running Challenge

by Clive Walker in Life

We’re still in COVID-19 November lockdown and I’ve not run in a race since last year. For added motivation as we reach the end of this second lockdown period (I hope), I have signed up for the Centurion Running One Community event. I have chosen to run 50 km in a week. Next week!

That’s not much of a challenge for some people perhaps. For me though, I’ve only run 30 miles in a week a few times. My biggest weekly mileage was earlier this year when I ran 33 miles. The One Community event will be an incentive to beat that because 50 km or 31.1 miles is just shy of that figure.

I’ve been running well on solo runs and with Horsham Joggers when that was allowed. So, I think I’m in reasonable condition. In recent weeks, I’ve hit 25 - 27 miles each week, so this bodes well. Yet, 31.1 miles will still be a challenge for me and I’ve been thinking how to approach this.

  1. Run 3 - 5 long runs over the week with a final longer run on the Sunday, or
  2. Run 4.5 miles (7.2 km) every day.

I’m planning to take the second approach but with a daily target of 5 miles so that Sunday is an “easy” day with only a couple of miles to run. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been training for this by running on consecutive days. That’s been tougher than I thought so 5 miles/day might give me an option of a rest day during the challenge.

During the week, I’m hoping to run into the office a couple of times (2 miles each way) and on these days will be running twice if I run home. I’ve not run twice on a day before so that will be a new thing.

My plan is to run consistently the same distance each day. Yet, as the week progresses, I may need to run more shorter runs to hit the daily target and minimise tiredness. I don’t know but I will be running how I feel each day. My plan may have to change.

It will be an interesting week.

I’m really looking forward to the challenge.

Wish me luck!

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