Running Challenge Done!

by Clive Walker in Life

I took part in the Centurion Running One Community Challenge at the end of November. My target was to run 50 km. My plan was to run it over a week.

I ran 5 miles every day from Monday and finished 50 km (31.1 miles) on the Saturday morning. It was great to complete it on the Saturday because my original plan was that I would finish a day later. Just to celebrate, I ran 5 miles on Sunday which made it 36.3 miles for the week. My longest distance over a week’s running.

A few lessons learned from the event:

  • Yes, I can run every day (for a week, at least).
  • Running every day is a good habit but fitting it in is sometimes difficult.
  • Running shorter runs twice a day seems easier than a single longer run.
  • Run at a comfortable pace is better than blasting it.
  • I will include run streaks (running every day) in future training for longer races because, although tired, I felt a bit stronger as the week progressed.
  • Some people will always be quicker and run longer distances; don’t compare yourself to them.
  • It was great for my motivation.

Overall, I’m very pleased how the week went and running 36 miles over 5 days has been a bit of a confidence boost. Yay!

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