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At the end of what has been a very difficult year, I’ve been reviewing a few web development and work things …

I’ve been exploring many website different systems this year because, well, lots of people have been promoting their personal websites which use, for example, static site generators and the JAMStack. That’s a good thing. The more we promote things that work well for us, the better. Yet, for me, many of these systems seem to be adding a lot more. More components. More moving parts. More platforms to rely on.

This isn’t the simple approach I’m looking for.

So, I’m taking a step back. Simple is best. For me at least.

Here are a few things I will be implementing in 2021.

  • Reducing my usage of Google Analytics.
  • Removing the requirement for cookie bars/pop-ups on my personal sites.
  • Building and working on sites with systems that have a minimal install and update process. And that need less maintenance.

I’ll write about these in more detail in another post. But for now, I wish you a happy successful 2021.

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